Client: The Contemporary Circus & Immersive Arts Centre 

Services: Design Consultancy, Concept Development, Website Design, Branding & Visual Identity

Year: 2020-2021

The mission of the Contemporary Circus and Immersive Arts Center (CCIAC) is to promote, produce and present contemporary circus and other immersive arts; embracing the unique challenge of bridging the divide between this awe-inspiring art form and American audiences with generally less exposure to this world.

Founded in 2019 by National Circus School graduate Aaron Marquise, The vision of the CCIAC is to transform Troy, NY into a US hub for contemporary circus by producing and presenting quality performances locally, nationally, and internationally. Through indoor and outdoor programming, the CCIAC strives to educate the community on the impact that circus can have as an art form.

As one of my latest ongoing clients, I have been creating graphics for CCIAC, who are based in the USA. I am also developing their visual identity, to help them shout about their non-profit work through all print and digital media. 
"Helena is the best! Our non-profit is based in the US and it has been incredibly easy to work with Helena remotely. We have done 3 pieces in the last month and we keep adding pieces because how much we love working with her. She makes for such a streamlined process. If we're behind on the timeline that we have established Helena gently nudges us and provides a quick turn around. We would highly recommend her."

– Anton Marquise, Director of The Contemporary Circus & Immersive Arts Centre, USA


My approach

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Branding &

Visual Identity


The main challenge for my work with CCIAC is implementing a brand language for various assets, across various outcomes. All work is to be kept within the same visual family, but for each piece to act like a brother or sister! As we build up more collateral, we want the audience to see a show poster (for example A.Lone, the poster above) and to immediately know it is a CCIAC show. This is being done through colours, shapes and similar imagery.


Lino-cut logo concept



For each brief I am given, I develop a deck of visual research alongside multiple concepts options. This development style is of great value - it means I come to understand my clients likes and dislikes in more detail. We have weekly catchup calls when needed and share ideas via Google Slides to make sure everyone is on the same page.

My latest piece of work for CCIAC was branding the International Circus Awards which will launch later this year. Above is one visual concept and below is the direction the client choose to move forward and finalise for use. 

FINAL-v2_Final options.png

03 THE


Colours and shapes is at the centre of the CCIAC visual identity, from the shapes the logo creates to the cutouts of circus performers. This is a theme we are running with. I think it encapsulates the movement and fun nature of the organisation, whilst not being afraid of empty space to let the eye pause for a second. 


More to come!