Moving Image

At the heart of all my work is narrative. I am a visual storyteller and my favourite way to tell stories is through moving image - more specifically stop frame animations. Here is a selection of my best work, from personal projects to spoken word pieces. 

It's Been a Year

My most recent commission, a film created by RJG Productions and animated by myself. 


Following a year of enforced barriers and boundaries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘It’s Been a Year’ is a spoken word piece to recognise the importance of stories and art in our everyday lives.


A frame by frame animation of a conversation between me and my partner, Bernard. We both have ADHD and discuss the pro’s and con’s of the illness. 

1 of 100 Stories

An animated video of Martino Sclavi talking about how he narrates his illness using an image of a bird (a finch), his book The Finch In My Brain is a must read.

Read more about my 100 Stories project.

The Listeners

I was asked by Birmingham-based band Absent Fathers, to create an animated music video for their new song, The Listeners. It consists of 300 digitally drawn frames.


The film explores my personal experience of my father having a seizure. The majority of the animation and supporting work were created in an analogue/hand made way to communicate the extremely personal aspect of this story. Supporting the stop-frame animations and film with a spoken narrative directly engages the audience to experience for themselves someone having a full epileptic seizure (a clonic-tonic).