Client: Playwaze Sport

Services: Design Consultancy

Year: 2021

Playwaze is a sport technology company that connects those who provide sports with those who want to play. Their Director approached me with an interest in re-branding, but to start with we went through a Development and Discovery phase. The purpose was to understand what they want to communicate before working out the how. This process was extremely valuable for the whole team, and by the end I assisted with the refreshing of the website!

"Playwaze approached Helena with a need for someone new to ‘upset the apple cart’ when it came to our brand. Within a matter of days, Helena had both understood and captured the essence of what our brand stood for - and so why we exist - from a standing start. Helena has gone on to support us with not only the brand refresh, but a new look and feel and navigation for our website, and set us up for success when it comes to our content and communication. It’s been a pleasure working with Helena and we hope to continue working with her for many more months and years.”

– Charlie Clarke, Director at Playwaze

A bespoke process


Discovery brainstorms with the Playwaze team, lots of visual and competitor research


Developing 3 draft visual directions for brand re-fresh: how to tell the story of Playwaze

Visual Identity & Outcome

Implementing illustrations created by Unicorn Studio. Creating a Brand Guide Book, Website Design Brief, Marketing Material & Canva templates.

The Challenge

The benefit of working as a Design Consultant is 'outsider' view you can bring to the team. For people who have been developing a business for multiple years, it can be hard to 'zoom out' and view your business communications holistically. But if you are communicating your business in an in-depth or complicated way, then how can your audience, a potential customer, understand your brand? 

This throws up its own problems, as going to the core of a companies values can be difficult. Especially when working with a team with different views. I start by asking questions and more questions and then start to build plans and ways in which communications could be used. I base my work in research, which then means the design outcome comes a lot easier. 

With Playwaze, as Charlie says above, I opened a 'can of worms' but then we built back the core ideas of the company to produce a really strong story. From the top of a sporting organisation to a participant in sport themselves, everyone is a sportsperson. And so that was at the core of Playwaze.


A user-centric, customer focused brand. A brand fit for the 21st Century.


Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.10.51.png
Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.11.18.png
Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 17.42.41.png


Playwaze Website Brief.jpg
Playwaze Website Brief (1).jpg
Playwaze Website Brief (2).jpg

Over the course of a few months, my in-depth design consultancy has helped Playwaze to really understand their audience segments and the ways in which communication (enhanced through design) can make their brand stand out.

It was a pleasure working with Charlie to really dig down into Playwaze's core values and highlight how design can be used to further push this communication. As a freelance design consultant, I was able to work with their budget and time frame in flexible way. In the last few weeks, I also helped advertise a new junior content creator role. And then assisted their Head of Growth through the hiring process, so that the brand work I started as a base can continue along with marketing collateral on a day-to-day basis.