The Law Boutique

Client: The Law Boutique

Services: Design Consultancy, Website Design & Build

Year: 2020-2021

The Law Boutique is a legal optimisation company, the first of its kind. They work with in-house legal teams and make waves in the industry, working alongside brands such as Tide, Curve, FINTRAIL, depop, Not on the High Street and more! Most recently they launched a legal initiative oneNDA, a community-led initiative whose mission is to create a universally standardised and agreed upon NDA that will reduce legal work. Google, Adidas, Easyjet, UBS, American Express, Barclays are all signed up!

As The Law Boutique’s in-house Design Lead, I deal with everything from: managing their website and social media to legal design for their clients. 
"Helena is one of the most creative, reliable and capable people I have worked with. Would happily recommend to anyone."

– Electra Japonas, Founder and CEO of The Law Boutique

"Helena has done a fantastic job of bringing our ideas to life. She is super talented, creative and incredibly dependable, which is hard to find and has been hugely appreciated. Would definitely recommend Helena to anyone looking for an excellent designer who you can really rely on."


– Roisin Noonan, COO of The Law Boutique


My approach

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Design & Build


Branding &

Visual Identity


To start with, it was difficult to keep up with the legal jargon being thrown around in meetings - but I always asked questions and have come to understand the core terminology! Jumping feet first into any project or company means I gain quick understanding of the subject area but also means I have a 'zoomed out' holistic view of any problem, which I believe is a great advantage when designing.


Being the only creative in the company means it is sometimes difficult to explain a vision or idea - but this has had more pro's than con's. Having different minds on a task is of huge value and it has made me learn how to quickly communicate ideas visually through infographics and diagrams. This challenge has also been great fun and highly rewarding!



The baseline brand was created before I made the team; this includes the logo, colours and font. This meant I have been able to build on a great foundation and develop the visuals to match the companies values. 

My highlight of the last 6 months was when I re-designed The Law Boutique's Non-Disclosure Agreement. It is amazing how not only language can be used to make legal documents easier to follow (therefore saving time and money - which is The Law Boutique's speciality), but also design. Electra, the CEO, had over 30 thousand views and it kickstarted further conversation into Legal Design, and The Law Boutique's coined term: Legal UX. 

arrows-colour-01 copy.png

Everything is bright and bold. I build everything out from our striking colour palette of 3 primary colours: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.


Even through social media, content creation is made exciting through colours, shapes and imagery - I have fun with what I make! Even though they are a business-to-business company, each client of theirs is also a consumer. They all want they same thing - to optimise legal, thus making their jobs more time affective and easier. The Law Boutique isn't an old stuffy company - it's making law fun through rethinking the circle, so the brand matches the message! 

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